Introducing Edinburgh 24, a 24-hour loop race situated in the iconic Royal Holyrood Park. Over a 24-hour period, challengers will complete as many laps of the looped route as physically possible. Spiralling below the rocky summit of Arthur’s Seat, the course offers a varied elevation profile guaranteed to keep runners on their toes. The nine categories provide something suitable for all abilities. Choose to enter the full 24-hour race, the 12-hour version, or the 6-hour version. Participants can enter as an individual or a team of four – the latter involve tapping in team mates, allowing for some down time in-between running stints. As you run through the oasis of parkland in the City Centre, you will catch spectacular glimpses of Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Mile and Old Town, as well as the distant Pentland Hills and Firth of Forth at different hours of the day. At the core of the route will be the round-the-clock Edinburgh 24 event village, where refreshments will be available and spectator support will be warmly encouraged!

The 24-Hour Event


Summer 2021
The most mentally and physically challenging of them all. Admire the round-the-clock sights of Edinburgh as you see how many loops you can complete going solo in 24 hours.

Price: £70

Event postponed until summer 2021


Summer 2021
Team work makes the dream work. Ideal for friends, corporates and
charities. See how many loops you can complete as a team of four in 24 hours.

Price: £200

Event postponed until summer 2021

The 12-Hour Event


Summer 2021
Want to brave it alone, but not quite ready for the full 24 hours? Admire the sights of Edinburgh through the day as you see how many loops you can complete going solo in 12 hours, finishing just in time for a well earned evening beer!

Price: £55

Event postponed until summer 2021


Summer 2021
Take the full day team challenge (team of four).
Ideal for friends, corporates and charities. Tap each other in and see how many loops you can complete together in 12 hours. Get in touch if you need more runners to make up your team.

Price: £140

Event postponed until summer 2021

The 6-Hour Event


Summer 2021
New to loop running or ready to smash a personal best in 6 hours? Take it steady or smash it intensely, and finish just in time for a hearty dinner!

Price: £38

Event postponed until summer 2021


Summer 2021
Take the challenge as a team of four. Ideal for friends, corporates and charities. You’ve got 6 hours, how many combined total loops can you rack up together?

Price: £110

Event postponed until summer 2021
Edinburgh 24

Holyrood Park
Queen’s Drive

Event Info

  • Date

    Due to coronavirus (Covid-19) the 2020 event has been postponed until Summer 2021.

  • Venue

    The event will take place in the Royal Holyrood Park, situated in the heart of Edinburgh city centre. The event village will be located on the playing fields beside Holyrood Palace, just off Queen’s Drive.

  • Registration

    Registration for the race will take place in the event village located on the playing fields beside Holyrood Palace, just off Queen’s Drive. Registration is open on Friday night 6.30pm – 8pm for all participants. Registration on Saturday is from 7am for 12 hour and 24 hour participants and from 10.30am for 6 hour participants.

  • Time

    The event will start at 9am for the 24 HR and 12 HR races, and finish either 24 or 12 hours later respectively, depending which race duration you enter. The 6 HR version will start at 12pm and finish at 6pm.

  • Parking

    Parking within the Event village car park will be available initially for entrants of the 24 hour and 12 hour events; it’s one car per individual or team (see FAQ 3 for details). Your vehicle may be used as your ‘base camp’ (see FAQ 19 for details). Depending on numbers attending, parking will also be made available for 6 hour entrants. There is no spectator parking within the Event Village; the nearest car park is Duke’s Walk. Edinburgh offers excellent public transport, with Edinburgh Waverley Train Station just a 10 minute walk to the event village, as well as great bus links (visit Lothian Buses website).

  • Event Village

    At the base of the looped route with be a vibrant event village, offering refreshments, catering van, water station and plenty more (see FAQ 19 for more details). We encourage spectators to come along and support the event, although support teams will not be permitted as this is an unsupported event.

  • Routes

    Just over 5K (3 miles) largely road route with a challenging elevation profile spiralling below Arthur’s Seat.

  • Goody Bag

    Everyone loves a goody bag and we’re no different. Medal, t-shirt & a selection of other nice stuff.

Race Rules

  • Race Pack

    All runners will be sent a race email approximately 3 weeks prior to the event. You must read all of the up-to-date information provided.

  • Race Briefing

    Your presence during the race briefing is essential for your safety and enjoyment, and is therefore mandatory. The 24-hour and 12-hour race briefing will take place at 8:15am, the 6-hour race briefing will take place at 11:15am (45 minutes prior to start times).

  • Race Numbers

    Race numbers can be collected the Friday evening before 6.30pm to 8pm, or on the morning of the event. Details will be sent out with your race pack in the lead up to the event.

  • Race Rules - All Runners

    Every runner, individual or as part of a team, must complete at least one lap during the race to be counted as a Finisher and to receive the Finisher’s medal and t-shirt. An hour before the end of each race, participants (of that race only), will be moved to a shorter 1km loop on the grass by the event village. You will not be allowed to start a new 5km loop if you are heading out within the final 60 minutes of the finish of your race. i.e. 6 hour participants finish their race at 6pm. From 5pm onwards, you will be required to run on the 1km loop. If you finish your lap just before 5pm and want to start a new one straight away, you can choose to go out for a final 5km loop, or wait until the 1km loops opens at 5pm. You do not always need to be out on the course running, whether an individual or team. It is up to you to plan how many rest stops you take and when. You must start the and finish your lap in the designated start and finish areas. This ensures you have a timed lap and that we know who is out on the course at any given point for your own safety. These areas will be pointed out and clearly explained at the race briefing.Only completed laps will count. You must cross the timing mat at the entrance gate to complete a lap. The next lap will start when you cross the timing mat at the exit gate.

  • Race Rules - Team

    Only one member of a team can be on the course at any one time. You can only swap team members inside the official start and finish area within the event village. Team members can run in any order and any number of consecutive laps. It is up to you as a team to decide your strategy throughout the course of the race. If a team member needs to drop out mid-race i.e. due to injury, this is allowed and your team can continue. Teams may amalgamate during the race if for example two competing teams lose multiple team members. However, teams can still only be a maximum of 4 members and amalgamated teams will not be counted on the Finishers board.

  • Results

    The winning team or individual, is the one who completes the most laps in their category. In the event of a tie, the winning team or person, will be the one who does the distance in the quickest time i.e. 1st place – Team A – 150 miles in 23:49:00 / 2nd Place – Team B – 150 miles in 23:55:00

  • Mandatory Kit

    A mobile phone (to call the Race Director in case of emergency), enough water to keep you hydrated throughout (there will be limited water available onsite). 24-HR runners must bring a head-torch for the hours of darkness. It is also worth considering bringing with you: suncream and hat, midge repellent and a reuseable mug so you are not using takeaway cups for hot drinks, warm clothes to put on between laps or when resting and waterproof running jacket in case of rain.

  • Noise Levels

    We are very lucky to have been granted permission to run an event in the Royal Holyrood Park in Edinburgh’s city centre. Please limit noise levels between the hours of 11pm and 7am to abide by the law and respect local residents.

  • Don't be a Litter Bug

    Breaking Strain Events operate a “take only photographs, leave only footprints” policy. Please use the recycling bins provided and do not leave any traces of litter behind.

  • No Dogs

    Runners are not permitted to run with dogs, please leave your furry friends at home.

  • Support Crew

    You can have a support crew based at the event village. For the 24 hour runners, support runners are allowed during the hours of darkness (2300 hours – 0430 hours). This is non-mandatory but is an added safety feature as the route is pretty dark especially as the route heads up towards Dunsapie Loch. Please see FAQs for further details on spectators, parking and camping.

  • Music

    We understanding that you may need some tunes for motivation, and you are welcome to use headphones. However, please be aware of other runners and marshals who may be trying to pass you by or communicate with you. Our advice, one earphone is better than none!

  • Changing race duration mid-race

    We realise that things happen mid-race (injuries, family issues, night’s out) that might prevent you from completing your allotted duration. We also realise the effort that goes in to getting ready for races like these. Provided that you have completed one lap you can still finish in an earlier time (i.e. 24 hour runner could finish at the end of the 12 or 6 hour races and still pick up a medal). You won’t however be eligible to win the new duration race even if you have completed the most laps. This is for fairness as race-strategies are based on which runners are around them in the standings.

  • Obey Instructions...please

    Our team of staff and volunteers are here for your safety and enjoyment, please obey their instructions. Under any circumstance, the decision of the Race Director regarding the race, results or the safety of any runner is final.

Edinburgh 24
Volunteer For Us

Volunteer at one of our events and we’ll give you a free entry to another Breaking Strain Events’ race. As a thank you, we’ll also give you a crew garment, a goody bag, tea or coffees and a meal. Limited places available. 

Contact events@breakingstrain.co.uk or 0131 285 6170 to find out more.

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