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Doctors in Scotland prescribing nature to their patients

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The health initiative in this article, rolled out in Shetland is right up our street. Since October 5, doctors in Shetland have been authorised to prescribe ‘nature’ to their patients. This means getting out in the fresh air regularly, moving more, getting more vitamin D and generally taking time for yourself.

We know that being outside is of course physically beneficial and it’s also mentally beneficial as we get away from the stresses of daily life, let our mind have some breathing space and do something different from our daily routine. It’s also a chance for us all to engage in nature and the landscape around us. Here in Scotland we have so many beautiful areas to visit and sometimes we just need that push to make the time to enjoy them.

We organise outdoor events and overseas treks year round, so you would think we would get plenty of time outdoors enjoying nature. But even with our job we need to make the time to get outside as it’s easy to find you have spent all week in the office. So as well as planning another great year of outdoor races, challenges and treks in 2019, we are also planning plenty more of our own escapes in the great outdoors.

Do you get your weekly dose of nature? Let us know if you have any exciting adventures coming up.

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