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To celebrate the birth of little Ottilie last Tuesday  and because I’m a bit of a masochist I asked Andy Mac from Park Circuits to come up with a session to challenge me in the gym. It is said giving birth is the hardest thing that a person can do other than running a marathon (according to our midwife), well it’s a physical impossibility for me to deliver a baby and I’m not running a marathon anytime soon as I can’t run the length of myself.

The brief to Andy was this: “Create a work out called “Ottie”. It’s to raise a bit of cash for It’s Good 2 Give, the kid’s cancer charity I’ve been supporting for a couple of years. Something Crossfit-esque but something that can be done either in a gym or outside & probably without equipment. Can be as punishing as you want but should maybe have gradients to make it as accessible as possible for everyone. I want to do work out next Tuesday (a week on from the birth)”. I also provided the date of birth, weight and time of birth.

The figures for the exercises below relate to those. I’m sorry.


I received a wonderful gift when Ottie was born so I thought I’d give something back. I’ll be donating to It’s Good 2 Give, the kid’s cancer charity I’ve been supporting for the last few years, after I’ve completed the workout (and probably thrown up my lunch). It’s Good 2 Give are little and local but they have grand plans to raise £1 million to build a purpose-built retreat for young people with cancer and their families. Their aim for 2014 is to raise £350,000 to help fund this build.

All I’m asking is for people to donate a minimum of £3 once they’ve done the workout. I know it’s non-enforceable but it’s for an amazing cause and if the small amount we make can go someway towards funding the build then we’ll have done a good thing. £3 is the cost of a pint so skip the one round, get a little fitter and do something nice today.

To donate, go to It’s Good 2 Give’s Virgin Money Page. To keep track of the donation if you could tag the comments as #ottiekickingcancersarse



11:29 hours

11 rounds 29 reps – (20 AMRAP – as far you can get in 20 mins – If you complete it before 20 mins is up…it’s back to the start :-))

  1. Squat (Bum below Knee)
  2. Tricep Press ups
  3. Lunges (knee to touch the ground)
  4. Press Up (Chest to ground – or hand release press up)
  5. Jump Squat
  6. Alternating hand position press up
  7. Mountain Climbers (knee to touch elbow)
  8. Squat Thrusts (Both knees to touch both elbows)
  9. Split jumps/explosive lunges (back knee to touch the ground…BUT NOT SMASH TO THE GROUND!!!)
  10. Prison Squats (Hands touching the ears and keeping the chest high and elbows back, drop down to half squat and bounce up until legs are straight whilst you are in the air…this should be fast and keep the tension on the quads and calves)
  11. Burpees – Chest to ground

2 mins REST

7lbs 13oz

7 rounds 13 reps – Same idea as above – 15 min AMRAP…again if you complete before the 15 mins is up…back to the start

  1. Plyojacks – (Exploding star jumps)
  2. Burpees – Chest to ground
  3. Exploding lunges – Back knee to touch the ground
  4. Plank with 13 foot bounces (both feet off the ground whilst holding straight body position – holding the core tight)
  5. Strict Press Ups
  6. Knee to chest Jumps
  7. V Sit ups – from a lying position with your hands outstretched touching the ground behind you, keep the top half of your body straight with hands out as far from your body as possible…then raise your upper half of your body whilst raising your right leg (which is kept straight), repeat with your left leg before raising both legs at the same time….which should look like a V…if perfect form is adopted….THIS IS HARD IF DONE CORRECTLY!!!!!

2 Mins REST

18.3.14 DOB

To FINISH….As fast as you can…..

  1. 18 Burpees – Chest to Ground
  2. 3 min Plank
  3. 14 Burpees – Chest to Ground.


Drop us a line in the comments section below to let us know how you get on.


    1. Author

      Fraser, great session. Andy Mac from Park Circuits created an amazing workout. Planning on doing it every month just as a health check of sorts.

  1. OUCH!
    I’ve done the marathon thing already and not in a hurry to do another any time soon!
    Congrats again to you and Kylie on the arrival of Ottie x

    ps. 3min plank?! OOYA!

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