Runner’s Profile, Edinburgh 24 – Taking on the 12-hour team run

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This July 13/14 Edinburgh 24 is coming back to Holyrood Park for it’s second year. Over the next few months we will be talking to some of the individuals and teams taking part in the different races. Here we talk to Kirsty Horne taking part in the team 12-hour team race.

Left to Right: Lyn Bow, Kirsty Horne (answering the questions on behalf of the team), Wanda McMillan and Clare Higgins.

Qu: Team name?

OCR Scotland

Qu: How do you all know each other?

I met Wanda and Clare at OCR training (obstacle course racing) and events and met Lyn through the Running Friends Scotland Facebook page. We met in person for the first-time last April to run the London marathon together! The four of us have been at various events together over the past couple of years.

Qu: How long have you all been into running and how / why did you start?

I started running in 2015 after losing 3 stone with Slimming World. I wanted to improve my fitness and general health. My first event was Pretty Muddy 5k and I loved it. I then gradually built up to marathon distance and have booked my first Ultra marathon for later this year! Lyn started running around the same time as me in an attempt to lose weight after having her last child. Clare has enjoyed swimming and running on and off since she was a child and Wanda describes herself as a ‘mid life crisis runner’, as she started just before turning 40 in an attempt to feel fit and feel a sense of achievement in completing some pretty big challenges including Edinburgh marathon.

Qu: Can you tell us some of the races that you have done.

Lol, we are all addicted and have done hundreds between us, including OCRs like Tough Mudder, Spartan, MacTuff and also various road races like Stirling, Edinburgh half/ full marathons, London and Loch Ness marathons, various 10k road races and several trail races.

Qu: Have you ever run together as a team? Or taken part in a looped race before?

Although we have all been at races together (most recently Glentress half marathon in October), we have never run as a team before. I haven’t done a looped race before either, so I am not sure what to expect at Edinburgh 24. Lyn has done the ‘Mo Run’, which is two loops around Arthur’s seat.

Qu: You won our competition for a team place. What made you want to enter Edinburgh 24?

To be honest, I never thought I’d win it! I just thought it sounded like a fun challenge, a new experience and liked the idea of doing a team event for a change.

Qu: What are you most looking forward to running as a team?

I’m really looking forward to catching up and supporting my team mates and seeing how much we can achieve together. As Wanda says, “if you’re going to face a challenge, you’re best doing it with people you can have fun with!”

Qu: and is there anything you are worried about / or anything you think you will find tough?

None of us have taken part in a 12-hour event (which is the time we’ve opted for as I didn’t think I could manage 24 hours without sleep!). I think even the 12-hour event will be tough though. I think it’ll be a long day and I’ve heard it’s a hilly route too. I don’t want to let the team down by becoming fatigued, but I know they would be supportive regardless; they’re a great bunch of ladies!

Qu: This is your first-time taking part in Edinburgh 24, do you have a team distance you would like to achieve, or a number of laps you would individually like to do?

It’s hard to judge as it’s the first time we will have done anything like this, but I’m hoping we will manage about 24 loops (120k) between us. I have no idea if this is an unrealistic goal and haven’t actually asked the rest of the team what their goals are, or if they even have any!

Qu: How will you prepare for the race / what will your training look like in the run up to it?

I imagine my training will just involving running regularly at different times of day/ night on different terrain including hills; probably about 2-3 short runs a week with one longer run.

Qu: What snacks will you be packing to help you get through the race?

I use Tailwind in my water so I’ll be bringing that along with energy gels, veggie Percy Pigs, flapjacks and some pasta.

Qu: Will you be listening to music / podcasts as you run around and if yes what?

Lyn and I won’t be listening to music; I personally have never run with music or podcasts. I like to tune in to nature and keep an awareness of my surroundings. Clare and Wanda both enjoy listening to podcasts and music while running (a mix of chart music, 80s and 90s stuff mainly with a fast-paced beat) and Clare will be using her new After Shokz headphones that she got for Christmas.

Qu: Favourite run in or near Edinburgh?

Other than the Edinburgh half marathon (which Clare and I both enjoyed), I have never run in Edinburgh! Lyn lives in West Lothian and loves running in the Pentlands.

Qu: Favourite piece of running kit?

My comfy Saucony Triumph trainers, Sub sports compression leggings and my inov8 backpack. Lyn loves everything Inov8 too and has the shoes, jacket, base layers, waterproofs etc. Wanda and Clare love their Brooks trainers and 2XU compression gear.

There is still time to sign up to Edinburgh 24 as an individual or as a team of 4. You can  keep up to date with the event on our Facebook page, where we will sharing training tips and advice. We also have charity and corporate sponsorship packages available. Please email for further details.

“If you’re going to face a challenge, you’re best doing it with people you can have fun with!”



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