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After meeting Melanie Ellis at Run the Blades last year, we've found ourselves in constant awe of her running (especially the strength of her walls to hold all those medals). Her epic journey has led her to become Instafamous (username: little.runner.mel, following: 7,807 & counting). Mel's got some awesome things in store for this year, and has kindly answered 7 questions for us. Have a read, support her, feel inspired, and get outdoors this week!

Q.1. Describe yourself in 5 words.

Driven, resilient, hard working, silly and always hungry.

Q.2. How would others describe you?

Organised, silly, always busy and always hungry.

Q.3. What's your sporting claim to fame?

Probably winning the Castles Marathon in 3.24, after entering on a whim, 2 days before, with no training.

Q.4. What has your running journey looked like?

I started running in 2014, aged 34 and 3 stone over weight. We had just adopted our son, he was almost 3 and a ball of energy. I started running at night first, so no one would see me. As the weight came off and I got faster, my confidence grew and I joined a club. I have now run 12 marathons (PB 3.19) and 2 ultras.

Q.5. What barriers have there been to that?

I have faced all the usual fears that woman face... Zero body confidence, mum guilt, child care issues. My confidence grew when I realised that most people are too busy thinking about themselves to be thinking about me. My mum guilt diminished (although it never goes) when I realised that running makes me a better mum and a better person. Childcare can still be a tricky one. My son is 7 now and occasionally he joins me on his bike and we make it a family activity.

Q.6. You're running for Mind - The Mental Health Charity, what's your motivation for doing that?

Running is my me time, it helps me iron out any issues I have and is vital for my mental well being. I understand not everyone is as lucky as that and I would love to be able to help others through my running.

Q.7. What's next?

This year I have 3 marathons booked so far, Manchester, London and Berlin. I also hope to do a 24 hour race. In the future I plan to join the 100 marathon club, run all the world majors and run more ultras and multi stage races. I no longer put any limits on myself. The world is my oyster.

Support Mel.

Support Mel in her pledge to fundraise for Mind - The Mental Health Charity, as she takes on the London and Berlin Marathon. Visit her Just Giving page here.

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  1. Amazing…I have done the North Run twice…loads of 10k’s…a few trail runs all at 22k….never the big one…i think i could run that far as 13miles is easy but i think i would be bored. Like you i will be running for Mind next year to get me running again as my baby is 2. Well done Mel on all your runs…it sure is amazing all that you have done x

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