Flash Mob Run

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Flash Mob Run by Breaking Strain Events

Flash Mob Run.. What’s that all about?

The concept

Running at night (especially on trails) is great experience; navigating through the darkness using only the pool of light cast by your head torch can result in even the simplest route having a great sense of adventure to it. Lee and I have always envisaged finding an effective way to capture this experience and deliver it to others encompassed in good fun and easily accessible event.

The experience

Firstly, sign up online now to ensure your place before we sell out. We’ve genuinely only got a small number of places, this is not a sales pitch.

When you subsequently register on the night we’ll issue you with your own race number, personalised chip and a red glowstick. Then, at 1930hrs, we’ll open the start line for business. You’ve then got a 15 minute window to present to the starting arch, crack your glowstick into life and head out onto the trail. Around 5 kilometres away from you (and up a good bit higher!) is your target checkpoint staffed by one of our friendly and encouraging support team. Reach them in one piece and they’ll happily sway your red glow stick for a green one and send you merrily on your way. All you need to do then is get yourself back to the start/finish line to chip in and get your heroic finish-straight photo taken! The full route between these points has been risk-assessed, recce’d and will be marked with tape and loads more glow sticks (maybe amber? We haven’t decided what will look cool and not distract you. Both important issues!).

An opportunity for us too

We are running this first event as “beta” type race to allow us to gather feedback and explore the use of new technology such as our innovative mobile chip timing system. In addition, this will be the first time we’ve used the glow sticks to route mark a trail so we’re keen to see how that goes and how the overall competitor experience is. We are looking to take the flash mob run concept to several good trail venues around the country.

Why should you sign up?

The Pentland Hills is a great venue and in February offers a real challenge whatever your experience level. This will be very much a “no-frills” (don’t expect a 6lb goody bag with tech t-shirts and sweeties aplenty) but we genuinely believe anyone who has taken part in our events before will confirm that we always do our very best to look after you, make you feel welcome and ensure your safety and enjoyment are maximised. Also, it’s £15. All in. No hidden charges!

This event should be a good opportunity for experienced runners to test themselves against their peers as well as genuinely safe and accessible race for novices with a good sense of adventure.


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